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Always aspiring for new heights globally

JUTIVE provides solutions to a wide range of needs, both for businesses and individuals.


We can help you with picking out the services for your company

We suppose that everything can be tracked and monitored through one integrated system developed for every need. It will be unnecessary for you to look for many vendors since Jutive is connected with other business units and partners registered at our network to solve all of your business issues.

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Give the best place for people who want to develop and improve life quality.

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Provide information on the latest exclusive business analysis from Jutive, events in the world, report or update from our partner companies.

Whatever you need, APAPUN.CO.ID provide it.


We help innovators bring their business to life

We continuously strive to complete all services by bringing companies into our partnership system. With the large number of services we offer, it is hoped that in the future, companies or individuals as users will find it easier to get anything on just a single platform.

Personal Development

Business Consulting



Satisfying customer needs is undoubtedly the primary target of us.

We are constantly competing to offer choices to the market.

Today’s big companies have certainly stood out from their counterparts not by being the best but by showing that they are truly capable of giving a hand to users to meet their needs.


Jutive is intended for anyone and anything.

 As regards with new businesses, they can register directly at Jutive. When a business looks new, our team will connect it promptly to a mentor. Once the business profile has met the minimum standards set out by Jutive, we will lead potential users to grabbing solutions offered by the business in question.

Branding Strategy

Digital Experience

Market Research

Business Planning


We care for your company productivity.

Therefore, we have driven to create a complete service and integrated system to help you find solutions to your business problems. Our system is designed for the company and linking the company to all staff members, creating a good ecosystem and upgrading your company productivity.

- A great value for your business

- Achieve online success

- Transform your indeas into product

For those focusing on developing business,

and aiming for the company to stand out from others, it will be great for you to do it together with us.

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