Let’s work and create together.

With the large number of services we offer, it is hoped that in the future, companies or individuals as users will find it easier to get anything on just a single platform.

We love to work with clients worldwide to develop unique, innovative, and futuristic business strategy.

Completed System

Our system draws together partners and gives users a dedicated space to interact with each other for diverse purposes. 

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Satisfies The Need

01. People

Help people find what is needed for both daily life or group needs. We connect people to various businesses.

02. Micro Business

Help micro-businesses strive to move forward in any situation with the support of several tools provided in Jutive.

03. SME Business

SME business deserves to be great. We are besides those who need help for business development from all lines.

04. Enterprise

Large-scale businesses can sustain themselves with complete support from multiple parties. Make sure your business is connected with all parties involved in the business process.

05. Government

The government needs single-national data management so they can manage asserted easily and cut off complicated processes.

06. World

The world needs Jutive. Always need Jutive. Even everyone using another system, they still needs Jutive to connect everything.

What we have done

We have experience in 11 different industries and do whatsoever we can do. We are a partner for anyone in developing their business. 

Our Milestones

Our GoldenPeriod

16 April 1990
31 December 1998
Build 2 Brands

Build 2 Brands

  • 31 December 1998

Vidhy Roaster & Vidhy Alarm Clock

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31 December 2006
31 December 2006
31 December 2012
11 March 2016
Introduce JE Group to Public

Introduce JE Group to Public

  • 11 March 2016

Go live website : j-nex.com (permanently moved to jutive.com)

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1 January 2021

Providing anything is our main target

Don't be surprised if you find us mine gold, look for petroleum, but on the other side, you see us helping other people make payments in each store on our network.

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